FCA desires to make the admissions process as simple as possible for all international families.  Please go through the steps for applying to FCA and we will commit to responding to your application and related questions within a 24 hour period.


Registration Fee

To be included with application form.


For current fees contact your Agent Partner or the FCA Director of Admissions.
Includes: ESL, textbooks and health insurance

ESL Program

Included with Tuition Fee.


For current fees contact your Agent Partner or the FCA Director of Admissions .

Intake Dates

  • Semester 1 (September - January) - closes on September 1 of that school year.
  • Semester 2 (February - June) - closes on February 1 of that school year.

In case of extenuating circumstances around intake dates, please reach out to the FCA Admissions Office to explore possible assistance regarding late admissions.

International Family Program

(for families of students in Grades K-5)

Registration Fee



Contact your Agent Partner or the FCA Director of Admissions for current fees.

Settlement Fee (optional)


Housing Fee

$1,000 - $1,800/month (approximate)

Exchange Rate Policy

Wire Transfers or Money Orders received by Fredericton Christian Academy are to be in Canadian Dollars at the exchange rate determined by the Bank of Canada Cash Rate on the date the money is received.


If you have any questions, please contact us. We realize that sometimes the application process can seem difficult but please know we are here to assist you.


"With FCA’s support, I became a mature young woman who loved experiencing multicultural learning; someone who made many new friendships, someone who loves to help others, a strong Christian, and someone who is quite confident. My family and friends who were close with me say that I changed in very positive ways from being in Canada and they also said that I have done many interesting things compared to other people my age. I strongly believe that I would not be where I am if I did not experience all that FCA offered to me in my life."

~Junyoung Jeon, FCA International Graduate (South Korea)

"FCA offers me smaller class sizes and individual attention so I may do better in my courses. The teachers are all very kind, supportive and helpful. I love my homestay family as well because they are very caring and supportive of my interests and activities. Coming to Canada has been a great experience for me and I am so glad that I made that decision."

~ Jason Ho, International Student
(Hong kong)

"My husband and I feel that sending our daughter to FCA was very good choice because FCA provides a great education to their students. The principal - Mr. McAloon and all the teachers always provide the highest possible care to students in order to help them achieve their best results. That is why FCA has a very high percentage of students who get into some of the best universities and later on become very successful in their careers. Moreover, everyone is very kind and friendly, kind-hearted people that treat homestay children like their own."

~ Thi Bach Yen, International Parent



Return the following documents by e-mail ( and send originals by mail:

  • Completed Admissions Form
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport information
  • Last year's final report card
  • This year's most recent report card (official transcripts)
  • All English Proficiency tests
  • Any educational or psychological tests completed in the past three years
  • Application fee ($100)


Fredericton Christian Academy receives and reviews the above documents, and an admissions acceptance decision is communicated as soon as possible. If successful, your acceptance package will arrive via email.


Complete, sign, and return all appropriate documents to Fredericton Christian Academy as soon as possible via email or scan.


To study in Canada, students must obtain a Student Visa and Study Permit from the Canadian Government. Contact your nearest Canadian Consulate or Embassy to arrange an appointment. Enquire at the consulate as to what other documents will be required to enter Canada as a Student. If you have additional questions, please visit Canadian Immigration online, or contact us at your Student Visa and Study Permit are approved, we will communicate the next steps for travel and orientation, and welcome you to Fredericton Christian Academy.


Health insurance is important if you are coming to study in Canada. A hospital stay in Canada can cost over $3,000.00 per day and a doctor's visit over $300.00 for a non-Canadian resident. "Visitors to Canada" insurance which covers FCA international students will cover hospital charges, physicians' fees, prescriptions and more in the case of a covered medical emergency. For more information contact the FCA Director of Admissions:

FCA International Programs 

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