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We know choosing a private school is a major decision and we want you to know we are here to help you in your decision making process. We encourage you to make an appointment with our staff for you, and your child, to view our school and to answer any questions you may have.

The curriculum, and variety of extra curricular activities, at Fredericton Christian Academy not only help to prepare your child for their post secondary education but also encourages them to learn life skills that will help them succeed in different areas of their life.

Students attending FCA develop close friendships with their classmates, who not only help them in day to day experiences while at FCA, but even after graduation as these bonds of friendship remain well after students have left our school.

Student applications are accepted at any time throughout the school year, for the present school year, however, placement is dependent on class enrolment.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

New Students Always Welcome

You don't have to wait for the beginning of a new school year to apply to FCA. Students are welcome to register at anytime during the year. Feel free to contact the School Office by phone (506.458.9379) or by email (office@fcae.ca) if you have any questions, or if you would like to arrange an appointment to come in to see our school.

For information about international student admission please view our International Admissions page.

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Parents are to carefully read the Fredericton Christian Academy Handbook - available online or from the school office. It is advisable to review the handbook with the prospective student, depending upon the age of the student. We require students 16 years and over to review the handbook with the parents. Questions and concerns should be noted, to be presented upon meeting with the principal.

Call the school office to arrange a meeting with the principal to discuss handbook policies or questions.

Following the meeting, an application is then completed and returned to the principal. A current transcript of the student's academic standing, and one reference from previous school attended must accompany the application. It is helpful to have the transcript available at the information meeting.

The application is reviewed and parents are notified of the school's decision.

Because of the challenge of the A Beka curriculum, a student entering FCA must be achieving satisfactory success in HIS/HER present school. Please note the following requirements:
Grade 1-6:
- Satisfactory C standing or 75%

Grade 7-9:
- Satisfactory C standing or 70% average; Must have 70% in Math and English

Grade 10-12:
- To enter grade 10: 65% in Math and English
- To enter grade 11: 65% in Math and English, achieved credits required for advancement in semestered program.
- To enter grade 12: a minimum of 14 credits, including credits required for graduation.


A student entering Fredericton Christian Academy must have had regular and consistent attendance in the previous school year.

Because of limited finances and lack of methods/resource personnel, the Christian School is temporarily unable to accept students who have diagnosed learning disabilities or those who require additional academic or behavioural instruction or supervision as given by a teacher's aide.

All students who are admitted to FCA are on a probationary level until the first reporting period. Students, who fail to achieve the academic requirements, maintain a satisfactory attendance, or who becomes a disciplinary concern will be removed from the registry of FCA.

Clicking a link will download a file. Some of these files are large so if you are on a mobile device you may want to wait until you are in a wifi area before downloading these files.

Part-time students are students in Middle or Senior High who are taking 1-3 courses a semester at FCA (students taking 4 or more courses a semester are considered full-time and are subject to regular tuition fees). Part-time students are not included in the multi-child discount.

Part-Time Student Tuition Fees
2017-2018 School Year

$475 per course/semester

Registration Fee

Registration fee is an annual fee and it is non-refundable

Before January 31 $100.00/student
After January 31 $150.00/student

Tuition Fees July 2019 - June 2020

These fees are subject to change

$3228 per child (Price includes workbooks and Kindergarten supplies.)
NOTE: the "3rd child & subsequent children" fee rate does not apply to kindergarten - tuition for a child entering Kindergarten is the Kindergarten fee.

Grades 1-12 Annual fee:
1st child $4860
2nd child $3696
3rd child & subsequent children $2988
(All prices include textbook rental and workbooks.)

Other Fees

Grade 12 (includes graduation) $275/Graduate
Lab Fee $50/Student (Chemistry, Biology, Physics)
Co-op $150/Student
Online Courses - $ varies on course selected
Sports fees (varies with sport played) $65 - $300
Class Trip - $ varies on destination and activities

Payment Plans Available (choose one)

Full payment - Paid July 1st of school year.
Two equal payments - July 1st and January 1st.
Pre-authorized monthly direct withdrawal payments over 12 months, July – June.

School Supplies and Uniform

A list of items students will need for class is posted under "Admissions Package" above.
Uniform guidelines are noted in the School Handbook.

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