International Homestay Coordinator
Date: February 3, 2015

February 3rd, 2015

Fredericton Christian Academy (FCA) is pleased to announce the hiring of Alan Wigley as their new International Homestay Coordinator. Alan is an active participant in the FCA Homestay Program and had these words to share regarding his experiences.

“My wife Dawn and myself first decided on Fredericton Christian Academy for the overall environment, education, communication, social, and safety that FCA provides. We quickly jumped on board with the schools vision for growth and providing a great experience for its students both locally and internationally.

Like many families when we first received information on the international student homestay program, we openly discussed as a family, weighing at the time what we thought were the pros and cons. Basically the decision we made was to help offer the same environment to others that we would trust for our family, and the opportunity to share experiences and culture with another family.

This year was the first year we took part in this program, and what incredible experiences we have had. They have truly exceeded our expectations! We are able to help support and care for another student the same way as our own. We have shared our traditions, and have learned so much about our homestay student's culture. We have great communication with our student's family, and had the amazing experience of spending time with them over the holidays. We have been able to help our homestay student plan for the future, as well as creating a long-term family connection.

Whether our children are home or away, we trust others to play an influential role in raising our children, teaching them different ways to do things, and challenging them to exceed and succeed. Knowing that the people who influence our children are looking out for their best interests gives us comfort as we watch them grow.

Sharing the same vision with the Fredericton Christian Academy and given the opportunity to be involved, I have accepted the responsibilities of the FCA Homestay Coordinator, wanting to work with FCA, our students, our families, and the families of our international students, to help create the best possible experience that we can.”

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