FCA Update
Date: September 2016

Dear FCA Parents, Alumni, and Friends,
I wanted to send you all a quick update on Fredericton Christian Academy (FCA) as we get ready to start our school year. I am extremely excited about what has been happening at FCA and can’t wait to welcome back our students. Our FCA staff has been working hard to prepare to make 2016-17 a school year to remember. There has been plenty of work and changes taking place at FCA over the summer as we work to add value to the learning experiences of our students. Here are a few key highlights:

  • We have added a Personal Finance Course in Grade 11 that we feel will change the financial future of your students and set them on a path to win with money, allowing us to change the way your students look at money forever. They will be empowered, equipped and entertained while building confidence in their own financial decision-making. With less than half of high school seniors qualifying as financially literate, and more than 7 million borrowers in North America defaulting on student loans for college, students are facing tremendous financial challenges without the basic knowledge needed to thrive in today's economy.
  • We have completely replaced the flooring in 5 classrooms, ceiling tiles and lights in 3 classrooms, added two more smart boards, and replaced over a dozen whiteboards. This has dramatically enhanced the learning environment in these classrooms.
  • We have created a dedicated resource and enrichment room to allow for more individual learning and meet the needs of students 1-on-1 or in small groups.
  • Our enrollment has jumped over 25% from last year and we are excited about the opportunity to work, impact, and educate more youth.
  • We have 20 international students from all over the world ranging from South Korea, Columbia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Vietnam, and China. We have refinished the ESL room with new flooring, lights, tables and chairs, smart tv and apple tv, climate control, and all new office space to allow for International administrative work.
  • Speaking of our international program, we are excited to have Mrs. Kandy Ingraham join us as our new Director of International Students. Kandy brings a wealth of knowledge in working in the education system, and will be overseeing the teaching and homestay programs for our international students. • We have redone the lines on our parking lot and driveways to enhance the traffic flow and transportation and safety of close to 300 students in the ECLC and K-12 school wings.
  • Upgraded 3 classrooms with heat pumps to allow for better climate control and cost efficiency within the facility.
  • Completed the Randy Fox Science Lab Campaign! With the $25,000 having been raised and completed this summer, the lab has started to undergo a huge transformation. The ceiling and lights were replaced, new lab tables and stools were ordered, as was over $12,000 worth of lab equipment, specimens, and chemicals. We are looking forward to celebrating the completion of this campaign later this month when the lab has received all the new equipment.
  • We have hired Ms. Samantha Munn as a full time PE instructor for grades 1-10, and we are looking forward to the benefits of having a dedicated instructor at FCA promoting and encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle to our students.
  • We are excited to welcome two new elementary teachers. Ms. Summer Worden will be teaching our grade 1 class, and Mr. Dana Budovitch will be teaching a split grade 2/3 class. Both teachers bring valuable talents and experiences to our elementary wing, and we know you will be appreciative of the quality of their work this upcoming school year.
  • We have hired a dedicated elementary math specialist (Mrs. Maida Langton) to focus and prioritize the foundations needed at an early age to prepare for success in this core field. • We have added a second bus to allow for more transportation opportunities for our students for after-school pick-ups, sports trips, AAA enrichment programming, and experiential activities.
  • Added a 2nd ECLC after-school classroom offering 15 more spots due to the demands of our customers. Only 2 spots remain in this additional programming.
  • We have hired a dedicated custodian in conjunction with our two other part-time custodians to enhance and provide a clean and aesthetically pleasing facility.
  • FCA received its certification as an Advanced Placement (AP) Test Centre. This will allow students to acquire credits, which may be used towards high school and university graduation.
  • Over the next 2 months we will be completing our welcome and meeting room where meetings with prospective families can meet, as well as current FCA parents can conference with teachers regarding FCA and the education we are excited to provide to your children.

FCA is not content with status quo and I can personally promise you that we will be continually working and striving to always be improving the educational experiences and value that your children and families receive at FCA. Ecl 9:10

I look forward to further discussions with you about FCA’s future. The best is yet to come!

~Jonathan McAloon


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