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Date: December 4, 2014

Dear Friends and Family of FCA,

Merry Christmas to you and your family! What a great year for the Christian community in Fredericton! For over 30 years, Devon Park Christian School has been ministering to families in the Greater Fredericton area and beyond. The school has earned a strong reputation as a place where students learn academically and spiritually, and has become known for its ability to witness, great athletics, dynamic programming, and high academic standards. Unfortunately, space had been an issue that prevented school growth.

However, we experienced a miracle when the South Devon Elementary School was made available for a reasonable price by our local government. That led the school’s administration and board to cast a vision for creating Fredericton Christian Academy (FCA). This vision included the expansion of opportunities for Christian education in the greater Fredericton Area and overseas, as well as to strengthen the level of services available to families within the Christian community.

As mentioned at the Grand Opening in September, several key donors gave generously to help us pay for the facility. Through the tireless efforts by the members of the administration and school board, renovations to modernize the building were made, allowing us to open the school and Early Childhood Learning Centre (ECLC) in September.
Having this facility opens new opportunities to strengthen the Christian influence within the Greater Fredericton area. As part of this vision of making FCA the Christian Community Hub of Fredericton, JOY-FM is on site. In short, this is a dream come true for the Christian Community.

Fredericton Christian Academy is a school where prayer is not only accepted but promoted, and where “Merry Christmas” is said with conviction. Here, there is zero tolerance for bullying as we teach our students Christian values and behaviours.

We are now at a critical point in this journey, and we really need your help! While the building was acquired without debt, we incurred a significant amount of debt to upgrade the facility with modern fire safety, washroom facilities, and basic comforts for students and faculty. At this time, we are in urgent need of $100,000 so FCA can continue to offer high-quality Christian education without financial burden. I am asking you to help make an amazing difference for the young people in this school by donating to FCA this holiday season. Your gift is not only tax deductible, but will also be a source of enormous encouragement to the Academy, its faculty, and its board. Feel free to use the enclosed envelope to make a donation to the school, or make a donation online at!

Thank you for your concern for the children and youth of Fredericton.

Jonathan McAloon

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